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I would like to thank the Emporia State University for providing two grant opportunities and additional resources to help fund this project.

    Research and Creativity Grant
    William Allen White Grant

I would like to thank Karsten Burns and Elizabeth Kosko, Master students at Emporia State University (2012-13), for helping to start this database, through their research and investigation, we have put together what we feel is a professional and educational database that can grow into the 21st century.

I would like to acknowledge the years of work and dedication of Thomas Siwe and his students who created the Percussion Ensemble Literature and Percussion Solo Literature books. These are invaluable resources for the percussion world as it has collected thousands of composers and compositions up until its final printing in 1998. We hope this database will begin to carry the torch you have lit and allow your work to live on into the future.

Thank you to Dr. Nikk Pilato of The Wind Repertory Project. Although we have not had much communication since the inception of The TEK Database, we honor your project by using it as our model for the TEK Database. You have created a wonderful and appropriate vehicle for presenting this type of information to the users of the musical community. We thank you!

Thank you to Dr. David Constantine for merging The Big List of Timpanists with the TEK Database. We hope that your project can live and enhance both the repertoire component and the historical archive that you have gathered.

I would like to thank the students of Emporia State University for helping to grow the TEK Percussion Database: