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The purpose of this project is to create a wiki style database on selected topics dealing with percussion. These topics include, but are not limited to, literature, pedagogy and history, which will be the initial focus of the project. There are both long and short term plans for the project.

As part of the short term plans we will research the need of such a database within the percussion community. We will look at what other sources are currently available to percussionists and researchers as well as examining their strengths and weaknesses. We will be looking at both percussion and non-percussion related sources in order to fully understand materials and formats available. Some of the sources we will be examining are the Percussive Arts Society website which includes the Siwe Database and the Fuji Database, as well as the Wind Repertory Page. We will also be researching methodology of collection and dissemination of data using twenty-first century ideas on usability and access as part of short term plans. We will be examining a number of online and offline database examples. Once the preliminary format research has been complete we will begin the entry of data. Once a large portion of information has been input we will then be testing the usability of the database. We will find a cross-section of people within and outside the percussion community to test the database for functionality, usability and usefulness. We then will be publishing the database to make the information accessible for use and allow for global input to add to the database.

The primary objective with long term goals is to expand the project to a global level. We will manage and continue to input data, add more sources and continuing to check and update the work. We will also be expanding the large categories to include literature, pedagogy, history, multimedia, instruments and maintenance, competitions and auditions, and programs and program notes.